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For the True Believers

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For the True Believers

I tried a few of the suggestions I got on getting a better rise out of 100% whole grain bread. I did added some butter milk [ half the liquid ] to the basic Tasahara whole wheat bread. I let the sponge stand at about 66 degrees or so all nite instead of my usual of putting it in the fridge. I also did the slap and tickle instead of kneading per Jmonkey's advise. I added a cup of my 100% whole grain, wheat and rye sourdough starter when I put in the rest of the dry ingredients. I made it this week. Just used the home ground grain and water like a desem but did it in a jar in the oven.

After the third stretch and fold, ya gotta admit slap and tickle sounds like more fun! I let the dough rest a bit while I got the ashes out of my oven. And used the clay cooker with a top on it instead of just putting it on parchment on the hearth. This is the part where I was going to put pictures but I clicked on image and don't know how to get it to show up in my post instead of a new window. How do I do that? It says just below this post that you can add images but I get a new window when I click on image to the left of this text.

Cant wait to see how the crumb came out. It's just about done cooling. I'll get some more pics when I cut it. I did get a better rise . It came up higher than the sides of the clay cooker. I put two loaves in one of those turkey/chicken roaster sized ceramic things. So they are joined at the hip. I figured that would keep them from spreading. The dough was very wet got got better just like Mike's video.