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Tuscan Flat Grapebread

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Tuscan Flat Grapebread

Schiacatta with grapes. Used star-anise instead of anise.. Added a lil fennel seeds too.
If a touch of Chiati was added, it'll be more remarkable. Nevertheless, a nice crisp bread. Best eaten fresh out of the oven. :)

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I've seen enriched versions and lean versions.
i did the lean version

Strong Flour (with 10% rye) - 100%
Salt - 2%
Instant Yeast - .7%
Water (cold) - ~79-80%

Additional ingredients
- Seedless red/white grapes
-Olive oil
-Anise extract
-Fennel seeds (toasted)

1. A day before baking, mix ingredients (including spices) in a bowl and stir vigrously to develop gluten. Then transfer to an olive oil coated bowl.
2. Immediately transfer to fridge and leave overnight or 8 hours +.
3. Next morning, it should rise sufficiently. Take it our about 30minutes before hand. Transfer to kitchen counter and stretch the tops and bottoms incoorperating a letter fold. Do this to the sides too.
4. LEt rest 30 mins. Fold and stretch the same way again.
5. 30 mins later, transfer to a round/ square pan, dimple the tops with fingertips dipped in Olive oil, hence flattening and spreading the dough.
6. Push grapes in the in the dough almost to the bottom and brush top with olive oil again. Let rest 1 hr 30 mins till it has risen and is very airy.
7. Place in an oven tht's preheated to 230C and bake for 10-15 mins. Then lower heat to 200C and proceed till golden brown. - ABout 25-30 mins.

PS* Before baking, dough may be topped with castor sugar, or granulated sugar.