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Dave W


Just a quick question, Ive just made Susans sourdough again and the Apple and walnut  braid, will they both successfully freeze if I slice them first?


Dave w

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David, the sliced sourdough bread will freeze beautifully. I assume the apple braid will, too, but perhaps someone more knowledgeable about sweet breads will chime in.

Susan from San Diego

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I never slice bread before freezing. I do sometimes cut large breads in half or quarters before freezing (wrapped in foil and placed in a plastic bag). I'm afraid freezer burn will damage the quality of sliced bread more. 

Is this not a problem?


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I have a related question: can I freeze dough before the final proofing? I think I heard somewhere that you can do this. I am usually only able to bake on the weekends, but like to have fresh bread mid-week too. I'm wondering if I can make an extra batch of dough on Sunday and then freeze it before the final proofing. I could take it out on a weekday and leave it on the counter to thaw and proof while I'm at work, and then bake when I get home. Would this work?

If I don't hear back from anyone, I'll give it a try this week and report back on my experiment!

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Dave W

Yes I understand freezer burn could be a problem, I made the bread last night, in fact it was ready to go in the oven at 1.30 am this morning (I must try and get the timing better!, if it had been a litle later I could have listened to the radio and listened to our Ricky Hatton being beaten by your guy !) As for the bread, I like to slice it prior to freezing so I can toast it when we run short of fresh bread. i thought id have a few loaves in the freezer for over Christmas seeing as there's going to be 13/15 people for breakfast ! hopefully i'll have enough fresh bread though.


Dave W


two crackin recipes!