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This made my day happy sourdough, potato bread.

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This made my day happy sourdough, potato bread.






Sourdough, potato bread. In the morning at eight o'clock a big spoon fed at night sourdough (rye and sourdough made from white flour mixture). 7 tablespoons of water and 6 tablespoons flour on well-mixed waited until doubled in a good cause, (11:30). I added: 220ml water + 100ml fries cooking juice 400 g BL 55 Wheat flour 100g TK wheat flour 100g potatoes 2 tablespoons butter 5 teaspoon salt Good flexible, not soft dough I made and átgyúrtam 3x every 20 minutes, and then formatted I put the baking dish. During more than three hours doubled, I slammed blade was covered. I baked this bread sparheltben (45 minutes), have been slow to learn the firing is to not burn the bread. Below I describe how to bake electricity and gas cooker! Hot 230-degree oven should be done after 30 minutes of cooking remove the lid and bake even more beautiful golden brown color is achieved. The jénait silicone baking paper lined must vizezni the jénait over the paper. A few words about my experiences: the flour, whether kitchen temperature. The dough should not be soft because it will be flat bread! It must be flexible, as you can see in the video! The átgyúrásoknál almost do not use flour, so you will not be in between layers of flour, it will be a better crumb. I do not vizezem off the bread, as I strongly fry and (strong golden brown), then cserepesedik much! The amount of water which is determined by the flour. The whole grain flours take on more water, so really pay attention to the water feeding! The quantity of water entered recipes never simultaneously added to the dough, still leave a little from it, and if necessary, added. The amount of water is always a given recipe recipes are true, if you deviate from the recipe and a different kind of flour is used, it has been the amount of water is not the same. This is certainly very important! 30-35 min or more should not be covered during baking bread, because the steam is not considered, but the main bread (230 degrees). After removing the roof must be at least 20-25 minutes even bake (210 degrees), slightly lower temperatures and so much water evaporates bread. Bread to bake, jénaiban, earthenware pot, enameled bowl as well. You may also bake pan, but then water must be evaporated in the oven for at least 30 minutes! I am happy that my family eats delicious bread and delighted to share my experience, many followers will be hoping to baking bread and bread we eat more and more good! Joyful sunbathing kenyérsütőnek I wish you all! The leaven made on the basis of the description Gyula Beres. Atkáriné Terike recipe. 15 February 2017




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This bread really looks tasty. 

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The crumb looks great. It really embodies rustic delicious home baking.

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better.   Very nice indeed!  This is quite a change from your usual artwork! 

Happy baking