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New kid on da block

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New kid on da block

I've always love to eat breads. There's nothing more satisfying than eating homemade breads made with my own hands. 

I start learning to make levain lately but so far all attempts had failed. Wasted sacks and sacks of flour already (sob sob). Ok maybe not that much flour was wasted but I figure I'll stick with commercial yeast for the time being.

To all of the fellow bakers out there, nice to meet you all! 

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If any bread is edible then the flour is not wasted, right? I have to admit to throwing away a few loaves of inedible product from time to time.

The fact that you continue to practice the art of bread making is a testament to your growing skills. And, while many obsess with sourdough on this forum, I have made some phenomenal bread with poolishes (yeast ferments) and 4-hour bulk fermentations. No, they are not sour nor do they leave that acidic after-taste, but they are much appreciated by those who do not favor those attributes.

Folks here have a lot to offer and they are quick with advice, support and suggestions. Best of luck on your journey.