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Multigrain Day Bread with Black Sesame Seeds

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Multigrain Day Bread with Black Sesame Seeds

I had to go out of town for a funeral so my usual routine of making dough on Saturday and baking on Sunday didn't work. So a yeast bread with multigrain flour and some black sesame seeds that could be done in one day was what happened. The recipe is loosely based on Forkish's Saturday breads.

This was an interesting experiment on watching the dough rather than the clock. I made two recipes but for some reason, the one batch was really slow at rising. Maybe the water I used with it was cooler but bulk fermentation took a whole hour longer than the other one. That was actually perfect since I was able to bake one pair of loaves first and then baked the next pair without having to resort to the refrigerator to slow things down. The final proofing time and oven spring was the same for both.

All four loaves are going to the Soup Kitchen so no crumb shot but the loaves got great oven spring so I suspect that the crumb is pretty open as well. 


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How nice of you to still make time to bake for the soup kitchen.

The loaves look great! I'm sure the crumb looked lovely with black sesame seeds in there.

Happy baking :)


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You even devised a way to still deliver bread to the soup kitchen on time despite the events. I'm sure they enjoyed this wonderful bread.

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instead of yeast. They smelled so good in the car while I was heading to the soup kitchen that I thought of this recipe when I ended up with extra levain this afternoon.

I am baking early for next Monday's delivery since my schedule is off again next weekend. My daughter and I are taking a pottery class together. So the soup kitchen is getting Cranberry Apple Multigrain Sourdough with toasted Pecans and Flax Seeds. Freezing works really well when I have to bake ahead like this. 

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i something to remember in a pinch.  This one has to be full of flavor and nutritious to boot.  Well done and Happy Baking Danni

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And keep one for yourself.  They look great.  It's funny for us 'super-experienced' levain bakers to go back to one day breads.  Almost like something new as we do it so infrequently.  But it is also fun to know that we can in a pinch.  I also like your sophisticated formula sheet photos that you've been posting recently ;-) .


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Woah!!! Ha ha! They are just the pages of my bread diary. I figure out what I want to do on a scrap of paper first then record it a little more neatly. I have gotten lazy and just post the page instead of typing it all out. 

And I did make one out of left over levain yesterday. I will post a picture a bit later. 

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This was a good experiment in converting a yeast recipe in a Sourdough one. I took the amount of levain that I had, figured out the amount of flour and water in the levain and deducted those from the recipe above. I use a 80% levain so I divided my amount of levain by 1.80. I also did a retarded proof in the fridge. The loaf is delicious. Definitely something I will make again either as a Day bread or as a sourdough.