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Banh Mi for fun

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Banh Mi for fun

trying something new. Vietnamese baguette. No sourdough. Fun to make and taste like a baguette although they don't necessarily look it! 

Looking forward to some char siu, pickled carrots, pate and cilantro banh mi for dinner. 



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Looks great. 

Great job :)

PalwithnoovenP's picture

What recipe did you use? Did you achieve the fluffy crumb and delicate crust? I really love banh mi especially the deluxe versions with mayonnaise and ham!

dabrownman's picture

Makes for a fine sandwich of all kinds.  Great for dipping too!  The French took their bread with them from Nam to Mexico!  Everyone wins!  Well done and Happy Baking PY

chapstick's picture

I love banh mi! I can't get enough of those pickled carrots! there's a place near me that offers wholemeal rolls, which is my favourite... with tofu... yum. Yours look great. 

cgmeyer2's picture

i love banh mi. what recipe did you use. i would love to make these from fresh bread at home.

thanks, claudia