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Basic Everyday Sprouted Multi-Grain Sourdough

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Basic Everyday Sprouted Multi-Grain Sourdough

It has been 3 weeks since we last baked a loaf of bread proving that IBBA (Insane Bread Baking Addiction) can be controlled to some degree – but I did bake some rolls 2 weeks ago -  for Christmas / Hanukkah.  We never did get around to baking fruitcake and panettone for the holidays either…..Lucy is getting pretty lazy if you ask me

We are out of bread completely after clearing put the freezer for the future son in law to take back to Colorado with the last of the smoked sausages and pulled pork.  So, we need everything.  White bread, whole grain bread, multi-grain bread, fruit and nut bread, All kinds of rye breads, rolls,  etc.

I am always amazed how much darker the bran levain is compared to the dough!

We are starting out new year with a basic 33% sprouted multi-grain sourdough bread.  The sprouted grains were composed of red and white wheat, Kamut and spelt.   The levain was a 2 stage sprouted bran one at 100% hydration and 13% pre-fermented flour.

The first 4 hour stage was all the bran from the sprouts.  Since the kitchen was 64 F it really didn’t do much of anything for 10 hours but we kept stirring it every 4 hours anyway.  At the 10 hour mark we got out the heating pad and cranked the levain up to 78 F and all was well – it doubled in 4 hours.  Just shows how important temperature is to all things trying to ferment.

We did a 30 minute autolyze with the pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.  Once the levain hot the mix the hydration was a tad over 78% sort of like a sprouted Forkish Country Brown loaf except the bulk of the flour was the cheapest, store brand, 10% protein, flour I got on sale at Albertson’s – 5# for 99 cents.

Since the AP was so weak, the mix started out pretty sloppy.  We did 50 slap and folds right off the bat to get everything mixed in an then did 2 sets of 8 slap and folds and 2 sets of 4 stretch and folds every 40 minutes with the dough resting on the heating pad, under a stainless bowl, in between manipulations to keep it warm.

At the 3.5 hour mark after mixing, we pre-shaped and then shaped the dough into a squat oval, it was still pretty sticky, and plopped it into a rice floured oval basket seam side down, Forkish style, hoping it wouldn’t stick.  After bagging it new trash can liner to start of the new year, we put it in the fridge for a 15 hour retard. 

It looked like it proofed pretty well in the cold so we decided to let it warm up on the counter as the oven heated up to 500 F with the combo cooker inside.  We then un-molded the bread, no slashing required and slid it into the combo cooker for 2 minutes of steam with the lid on turning the oven down to 460 F.

When the lid came off, we turned the oven down to 425 F convection this time and baked it for another 5 minutes before removing the bread from the bottom of the combo cooker to finish baking the bread on the bottom stone.  10 minutes later the bread was nice and brown and 208 F – ready for the cooling rack.

It had puffed itself up and blistered pretty well under the steam so we hope the crumb will be equally as nice when we slice it later today.  A good bread to start off the baking year.  The crumb was soft, open, moist and glossy.  This bread tastes grand and would make a fine everyday bread if we didn't make a new one every week!


13% pre-fermented sprouted bran and high extraction flour levain – 100% hydration – 65 g each flour and water

20% sprouted high extraction dough flour – 100 g

67% AP dough flour,  10% protein – 335 g

65 % water – 325 g

2 % PHS salt. – 10 g

I'm not sure how many Prickly Pear Margaritas we made over the Holidays...... but this was not the only one:-)


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Beautiful blonde loaf.

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awful good too!  Can't wait to get this one in the dipping sauce.  Happy New Year Floyd !

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Really lovely blonde loaf Dabrownman. 

I have a question. Isn't sprouted grain diastatic and isn't diastatic malt used as a bread enhancer but only in small quantities as too much is detrimental?

When you make bread with sprouted grain do you then make it non diastatic through heating before grinding? 

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some degree.  Sprouting it for less than a day does up the diastatic power a little bit but not enough to worry about,  It isn't like you are sprouting the grain for 5 days to make make malt.  A little bit of malt goes a long way but this does something else.  You can only believe half of what you read but thios is an interesting part of the attached article

In a 1989 meta-analysis of existing studies, JK Chavan and SS Kadam found evidence that “Sprouting of grains for a limited period causes increased activities of hydrolytic enzymes, improvement in the contents of certain essential amino acids, total sugars, and B-group vitamins, and a decrease in dry matter, starch, and antinutrients. The digestibilities of storage proteins and starch are improved due to their partial hydrolysis during sprouting.”
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 1989; 28(5):401-37.

I have noticed that the dough is more extensible in high percent sprouted grain breads but this one, even with low gluten AP, and high percent of water came out fine,  The big difference is that the bread tastes better with sporouted grains.  Plus it adds a least a day to the bread process and another expemsive kitchen gadget, a dehydrator, to the list of things you just have to own to make a loaf of bread:-)

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Crust and crumb both look wonderful. I like the structure of the crumb, open but it can hold stuff properly. 

Hope you had a great holiday and are ready to get back to work stocking up that freezer! I'm looking forward to seeing what Lucy comes up with this year :)

Happy baking 


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rye bread with black figs, seeds and nuts pretty soon - or else:-)  It is a wide open field for bread baking around here for sure.

I'm having P&J today and hoping the jam doesn't fall into my lap:-)  We like open but not wide open crumb around here to keep the clothes washing to a minimum.  You would like this one as much as we do for an everyday bread.

Happy baking in 2017 Ru007

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Amazing what you can do when you are determined! Many others would have given up. That is one beautiful loaf!

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and a slow levain and really sloppy mix won't get in her way for very long:-)  It just took a little longer than normal for it all to come together.  Patience comes to those who wait a long, long time.  Bread making really slows down in the winter time but the bread does taste delicious.  Maybe it just seem that way because it is so hot in the summer the bread just goes along at ramming speed all the time:-)  More time means more flavor for sure.  Glad you liked the bread Danni and 

Happy New Year.

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Great way to start the year! The way the seams bloomed looked like it was scored and the crumb is awesome! A true everyday bread, complex flavor profile but lets other flavors shine through and with a texture that will hold everything from butter to jam to meats and cheeses!

Happy baking uncle! 


In 1999 or 2000 Thalia was very popular here and many people were hooked on her telenovelas. One of them, Rosalinda, was watched by mom when I was in kindergarten and I always hear Rosalinda (Thalia) calling her sisters and their names were Fedra and Lucy! 

So I deduced that maybe Lucy and Fedra are sisters relatives. ;P A Doxie dog and a Labrador as sisters distant relatives, that's not too wierd I guess!

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im stuck in the Baltimore airport trying to get home from the CES show in Vegas!  Lexi and Max are anxiously awaiting my return so they play in the snow :)

Thus is a perfect crumb for this style of bread and must taste great.  my wife went crazy and bought me every shape known to humankind of cane rising baskets.  I can't wait to start Baking if I ever get home!

Happy New Baking Year to yiu and Lucy!  Lexi wishes Lucy was able to transport over and play in the snow :)

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Lucy's favorite even though she doesn't use it much.  Stars are more difficult to shape than rounds or ovals and maybe that is why she doesn't use it hardly at all.  Maybe nest week.....

Snow has you trapped in Baltimore?  Hopefully you will be home to walk Max and Lexi in the snow before you know it.  Glad you liked the bread.

Happy New Year Ian and give those black ones a belly rub for Lucy

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I was very lucky and we were able to fly out at 9:45 PM and landed in the snow storm on an ice field!  Pretty scary to say the least!  It's bitterly cold here yesterday and this morning.  Max was so cold he wanted to come in from our walk as quickly as possible.

Happy Baking and give Lucy a hug and belly rub from her Snowbound friends!

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ears on a cored bread but, one that isn't scored, gets great ears!  Sometimes to get what you want, the best thing to do is to give up wanting it so much and do the things it takes to get it instead - like doing nothing in this case:-)  This bread made one fine Bologna sandwich for lunch today.  We like this bread a lot.  

Lucy has lots of distant relatives I'm guessing so Fedra might be one ....Happy New Year and baking in 2017 Job!

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it's about how many you downed!  I've also developed a bit of the ol' IBBA myself. Mine seems to manifest itself by turning ordinary sized baguettes into Gila Monster sized beasts ever since getting a hold of those semolina buckets.

the boule looks wonderful inside and out, as did the 'New Years eve' pizza.  And, thanks to you, now I'm getting thirsty for something.  But it's only 8 AM right now.  What to do, what to do...


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warming your face, sunglasses on, toes in the sand, The surf washing uo the beach, you'e retired - Yep it's time for a thirst quenching adult beverage of some kind!

I only had one PP Margarita....being diabetic,  but the rest of the healthier crowd kept me busy making them!  I had a friend from High school who went to work for the border patrol right out of college.  For 25 years his job was to protect the Gila Monsters in AZ from what ever might harm them.  Then they transferred him to the border to track and capture illegal aliens crossing the border.  Too much work in the heat of the desert doing that so he retired.  Nice to retire to PP Margarita making at 47years old:-)

Glad you liked the bread Alan and happy Fat Baggy making in 2017