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I recently started baking

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I recently started baking

Internet blows at the new house so I started reading about sourdough in november, ordered bunch of shit from amazon and started baking mid december.  

last two batches i've been mixing einkorn into the wholewheat/bread flour and adding stuff like chestnut puree/raisins/nuts.  came out pretty good!


Here are some loafs I've pulled out of the oven from the latest to the first loaf of bread i ever baked.




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Modern Jess

Wow, those are really beautiful loaves, and also really beautiful scoring. Would love to know what those scores looked like when you made them, and/or what technique you're using for some of them.

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Thanks!  the one at the bottom, I just used a crappy knife to cut down the middle... the ones after that i just used a pair of scissors to cut while i waited over a week for my lame to ship out... then my lame finally came in and now i get to have some fun!

i'll take some prebaked scoring photos next time for you.


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Beautiful loaves! You are a fast learner to. E able to produce such nice bread!