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Buckwheat Porridge Sourdough with Hemp and Flax

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Buckwheat Porridge Sourdough with Hemp and Flax

You are all going to think that I keep posting the same loaf of bread over and over again because they all look so much alike! Ha ha! I promise that they are all different. 

I am gifting these loaves so instead of dividing the recipe into two loaves, I divided it into 3. I was really pleased with the size of these and will do this again when giving loaves away. The monsters I make for the soup kitchen really are too big for someone who has a small family. I end up freezing half of the loaf we keep because we just don't eat that much bread in a week. 

Here is the recipe:

Okay the picture did not post where I wanted it! Posting on a phone really is not ideal. At least you do have the recipe above and it isn't sideways!



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They do look similar, but i think its great that you have consistently wonderful results. 

I'm sure the people at the soup kitchen are really enjoying your bread. 

Well done Danni! 


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if we could taste them! Each of your loaves is unique and beautiful and your kindness is very moving.

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dabrownman a good sort of way!  Can't help but ike the look, inside and out, of all these fine breads.  Well done and happy baking Danni

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I haven't made a buckwheat sourdough yet but since i have all the ingredients I'll make it soon. Should be a good bread to try out in my new KA stand mixer

Thanks Danni,


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Lazy Loafer

Did you get to taste this wonderful bread? I know you went through a period of triple breads (flakes, grains and flour all of the same grain) and I wonder about the flavour difference between the 'single-grain' breads and this one with all different kinds of flakes and flours and things. I sometimes try a super blend like this then wonder if I'm wasting things by muddling them all up together so you can't taste any one distinct grain. What do you think?

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I will make it again though and then I can taste it. To be honest, I think I need to have all of these breads side by side to be able to taste the difference between them. I just know that I like most of them and the only ones I didn't like were the ones that were done with sprouted buckwheat flour. Those loaves had a bitterness that I didn't care for. Notice I didn't use it in this bread. Plain buckwheat flour, I do like though.

The rest just taste darn awesome to me but the fine differences from grain to grain,  I think I need to do side by side. That being said, I love Kamut ! That one, I can definitely tell the difference.