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80% Hydration Baguettes

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80% Hydration Baguettes

These aren't the best looking baguettes in the world but they did taste pretty good for an all white flour baguette. I originally planned to sub out some of the flour for some whole grain flour but being in a rush to do things, I completely forgot. I needed these to go with a caramelized onion, bacon, cheese dip that I was bringing to a friend's house for New Year's eve.

Here is the link where I got the recipe:

80% Hydration Baguettes


Here is the crumb shot!


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I'm sure these went over great for your party.  That crumb looks perfect.  Next time a little whole grains will just make them even better.

Happy Baking!


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I have made these once before and included whole grain. They were better tasting. 

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They look awesome. For a while I am hesitating to make baguettes for the first time and always find some kind of excuse. But I think that it's time to give them a try.

Well done and happy baking Danni!


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The website walks you through the whole thing ste by step! A couple of differences in my method, I do all the folds in my Cambro bucket. I am not making more of a mess than need be. And I use perforated baguette pans to proof and bake the dough. Only thing with those pans is that the bottom ends up very pale so about 3/4 or more of the way done, I slide them out of the baguette pan onto my pizza stone, flip them upside down and set my oven on convection to brown the bottom. I find that it takes longer to bake than the recipe calls for but that could just be my oven. 

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baguette dough.  Mine would come out looking like ciabatta if that wet.  Very nice indeed.  

Happy New Year Dannio

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doesn't absorb more water than most flours because this was not sticky at all after fermentation. 

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Baguettes are on my to do list along with a few other breads, so I need just to get on with it!

Happy baking Danni


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They look great!

Well done


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They don't have to look that great (but yours are beautiful) as long as they're tasty with that crust to crumb ratio; they will be devoured!

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They look great and an 80% hydration AP flour baguette is no simple task.  Interesting that they use an 80% hydration poolish, kinda midway between a typical poolish and a biga.  

Before I discovered TFL, I found TWB website and gave this bread a try.  Too difficult for me in those early days, and I wound up abandoning it pretty quickly.  But maybe I'll give it a whirl again.  It's been ages since I used a poolish for a preferment, but I guess it's time to try again one of these days...

The shaping is great, as is the crumb.  One small suggestion is that it looks as though you might be exceeding that imaginary 1/3 zone across the top as you score each stroke from right to left.  This is the area that a number of the serious YouTube bakers refer to when they demonstrate scoring baguettes. 

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They are past that middle third for sure and I think the slashes are too long. I was conscious of this while scoring but it is one thing to know it and another to put into practice. I also forgot to angle the blade while scoring. Oh well, there will be other opportunities to practice. 

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Yeah. The scoring needs practice, but you don't taste the slashes, only the crust and crumb. And those look very ... baguettey.