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San Joaquin Baguettes

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San Joaquin Baguettes

These were also done for Xmas dinner tonight.


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so yummy looking. YAY!

Nicely done.


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no picture of the crumb. I forgot to take Picts when I was cutting two of the baguettes up and the other two, one of my brothers took them home. I can say that the crumb was amazingly open and they tasted great. My mom was super happy that I made them. 

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Siblings love when their siblings bake bread! Moms and dads are pretty happy with the situation too! Nice baguettes!

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Those are incredible. 

Well done Danni, those look great! The way the scoring opened up is lovely.

I'm sure they tasted wonderful. You did a really good job.

Happy baking 

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Those look perfect. Great shaping and beautiful crust.


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sourdough bead.  You must have a huge oven to make them so long!  Love those blisters. Well done and happy baking Danni 

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They do look long in the pictures but actually they are 15 inches long. They were actually more the size of a ficelle rather than a baguette. I use a perforated baguette pan to proof and bake for the first part then they finish off on the stone. I find that if they stay in the pan, the bottoms stay too pale. 

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I was wondering if you could clarify on your timing. You have into fridge after shaping for 3 hrs . Then you have the proof for 5 1/2 hrs. So you do folds and then shape and fridge and then ......?   Thanks those are gorgeous loaves !  c

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then I left it to bulk ferment for 3 hours in the fridge. The 2 pm on that same line is when I put it into the fridge to finish bulk fermenting. I had also boules going at the same time and i need to write down times to keep me on top of things. I then took the dough out of the fridge and preshaped it into rough rectangles. Let it sit ten minutes, then shaped it into baguettes. Back into the fridge for overnight. That last proof end at 10 should have an AM after it. Hope that clears it up. 

And thank you everyone for your encouraging comments. :-)

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And you bake straight from the fridge ?  Thanks for the clarification. c

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told me to do. Right out of the fridge. They didn't look like they had risen at all in the fridge but they doubled easily with the oven spring. 

Here is the post where he gives me 3 recipes and then explain where he diverges from the recipe.

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Hi Danni,  The shaping is superb and the scoring consistent.  The lead photo is so inviting.  Love the bake.  Don't get hooked on baguettes or you'll never stop!  Congrats.  alan

FYI - even in my 80dF kitchen I do 5 folds 20-25 minutes apart.  If the dough is exhibiting good strength, I wonder whether the extra folds are really useful.  I even wonder whether 5 is overkill.

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The dough really didn't seem to change for the last few folds.

By the way, your tip of putting olive oil on the tip of the razor blade really helped lessen the drag. I was surprised that they opened up as much as they did because they stayed completely closed after the slash. With my boules, I am used to the slashes opening right away. 

I believe that I have a hotel pan somewhere and I think I might try that instead of using hot wet towels for steam. I like the crust better that I get in a Dutch oven. 

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They look super long and the cuts expanded very well. They deserve to be displayed in a shop. Félicitations!

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Just compare them to ones on below picture taken in a very good bakery (local people told me that) in Paris last week. I think that they should visit TFL in order to learn something about baguettes. Even in Paris baguette is not what it was.

Well done Danni and happy baking!