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Triple Spelt Sourdough with Flax

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Triple Spelt Sourdough with Flax

I really liked how the Triple Kamut loaf turned out so I repeated it and also made up a Triple Spelt loaf. I used fresh ground spelt flour so I am really curious to see what it tastes like. We are having Xmas dinner today so I was busy baking all kinds of bread. Here is the recipe for the Triple Spelt loaf.

And this is what the Triple Kamut loaves turned out like. Same recipe as above but using Kamut instead of spelt in all three ingredients.


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Wow, those look fantastic.  Let us know how the crumb turned out if you can but the outside looks perfect.

Happy Baking!


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but I can say that the crumb of the Kamut loaves had that lovely moist custard texture that we often describe on here. The taste was awesome too. We ate half of a boule at our family Xmas dinner. I gave away the Spelt loaves to my brothers and nephew so no idea what they are like but I am sure they are similar to the Kamut. 

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Nice looking loaves Danni.  Kamut is interesting, will add it to my to-bake list. 

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I don't know why but I am starting to prefer Kamut over Spelt. Maybe it is the golden colour and slightly granular texture of the flour. I did grind my Kamut berries twice as opposed to once for the Spelt. 

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Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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I really like the triple spelt idea, very nice! your results are wonderful.

Now I'm thinking of trying a triple oat bread. Steel cut, rolled oats and oat bran... hmmmm... 

Anyway,great looking loaves. I'm sure they were delicious.

Happy baking :)

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They had to be tasty as all get out.  Well done and happy baking Danni

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This what my nephew had to say about the loaf he got: "Hey. Is it bad if I eat this whole loaf today? This is really good. Dare I say perfect even." He missed dinner last night because he had to work. 

ETA: He sent me a crumb shot!

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just to bite in it - looks very tasty.

Well done Danni and happy baking!


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Beautiful inside out. What's the next triple grain loaf?

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Possibly triple multigrain since I have some 10 grain cereal kicking around. I will have to figure out what to sprout though.