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Olive, Sun Dried Tomato and Feta Sourdough

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Olive, Sun Dried Tomato and Feta Sourdough


PS. Anyone else using Safari and found that the icons for inserting pictures disappeared when putting up a blog post? I had to use Opera to put the pictures in and now I am back using Safari. Under the edit button, they are back. Weird!


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any chance of a crumb shot? love the mix of flours and addins. 


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We went out for dinner tonight so we didn't cut into the loaf. I am sure we will be having a nibble tomorrow. 

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be a killer pizza dough with 20 g of EVOO added into the mix to replace the olives.  Just let it rest for 1-2 days in the fridge instead of shaping.  Can't wait to see what this one looks like on the inside with the outside so beautimous.  The food bamk will be very glad to see you this week! 

Well done and happy baking Danni

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What a great idea!

 I am hoping that the soup kitchen likes it. I asked them last week which bread was their favourite and I got that they loved them all. Only once were there crackers that they didn't care for and they were ones that I had made in a bread class. I didn't care for them either. It was a bit awkward since I had brought homemade cranberry crackers and hummus to share with everyone and my crackers blew hers out of the water. I had no idea we were to make crackers or I wouldn't have brought mine. 

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Looks great Danni! 

I have no doubt this will be a tasty loaf. I've tried an olive and sundried tomato loaf before, but not with feta. I'm a fan of feta so i have no objection to the idea! 

Great bake


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Now I have a reason to use up some of the sun dried tomatoes we made this summer. That looks wonderful.

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I could almost smell and taste it! Super bien!

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These look wonderful!

I've made a SD with feta several times and was very happy with the flavor.  I'm not an olive fan but yours sound and look great.


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Lazy Loafer

I make an olive, sun-dried tomato and rosemary loaf (Three Friends Levain - Tom, Olive and Rosemary:) ), but I really like the idea of the feta instead (or in addition). Obviously there was no ill effect from including all the add-ins in the autolyse. I like the way you've been doing this, and have started trying it too (it's a lot easier to incorporate everything that way, isn't it?).

Can't wait to see the crumb and hear about the taste!

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mixing the add-ins at the beginning. They get evenly distributed and it doesn't seem to affect anything else. I always wondered why most books include the add-ins after the first fold as I feel that if the gluten strands are going to get cut, that is where it is going to happen because you are manipulating the dough so much to get things integrated.

My way, the gluten isn't developed yet so no worries on that part. They will get cut some when adding the salt and levain but then you are done man handling the dough except for folds which are done gently anyhow. I don't have any scientific data to back this up, but this is my thinking. It works for me so I keep doing it. ;-)

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It isn't quite as open as I would have liked but not too bad. My hubby says he can really taste the oregano and thyme in it, I can really taste the olives. All in all, a pretty good loaf.