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Kvass (bread drink) made with sourdough starter

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Kvass (bread drink) made with sourdough starter

This is a Ukrainian/Russian drink traditionally made from rye bread and yeast (there is also a beet version). While Kombucha is more widely known, in the West, Kvass too is a healthy probiotic drink. Very flavoursome and refreshing. This is my first batch and I'm hooked. With just some toasted rye bread, water, sugar and starter you can have this done in under 2 days. 

This is the recipe I followed

I didn't do the raisins nor mint but still delicious. I'm getting a light malt beer taste with hints of citrus and it's slightly carbonated. 

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I just heard this taught in one of our subjects in college before and now I've seen someone make it! Thanks!

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Lechem (not verified)

Easy, delicious and another use for your starter. 

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I have seen recipe for kvass in Bar Tartine book and never had time to make it. The first recipe from that book I made brined beets which are simply great. I just tasted them for the first time yesterday after about 4 weeks of natural fermentation. Kvass could be the next thing I can experiment with. The picture of brined beet is available in my other post here.

Happy baking!


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Lechem (not verified)

How refreshing can a bread drink be? Turns out, very! 

Never heard of brined beats. Or if I have its by another name. Thanks for the link. I'm going to take a look. 

Let me know what you think of Kvass when you've tried it. 

- Abe