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Sourdough Upside Down Banana Brandy Cake

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Anne-Marie B

Sourdough Upside Down Banana Brandy Cake

This recipe uses the starter you were going to discard when feeding your starters. It is a tasty, moist cake that is not very sweet. The bananas are placed in a caramelised sugar and brandy sauce before the batter is dolloped on top. The original recipe used bourbon, but I had some brandy on hand, in preparation for making plum puddings. I used my discarded rye starter and wholemeal flour to give it more colour and texture. I also baked it in a ring pan instead of a skillet. It is a great combination of flavours and I may try it with apple wedges or pears in future. 


Recipe here:


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That is one mean cake. Perfect!

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Well done and happy baking.