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20161023 Live and Learn - Baguettes

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20161023 Live and Learn - Baguettes

Dear friends:

Just wanted to let you know that despite my life has been upside down lately, I'm still hanging in there and trying to bake when I can...



So you know I have not given up baking yet...


I've been so busy lately that I'm only getting a couple hours of sleep every day


Full post to come, probably much, much later...



💡💡💡 moments, things have come together...


15% pre-fermented, 70% hydration...























My hands shook - my kids were rushing me to get the photo shoot done so they could start eating...








Catch up with you later,  I'll be back...








Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, my magic wands from France...Can't wait to try them!







Same formula @ 66% hydration




























Yes! Baby! I am happy with a 66% hydration baguette like this!









Epic! Baby! I like the shaping! @ 64% hydration...



























alfanso's picture

The open crumb is incredible for a 70% hydration, and the crust is really delightful.  Congratulations.


dabrownman's picture

to make some soon!  What a great crumb and the crust looks crunchy too!  Very nice indeed.  I haven't been in the pool in 3 yeas and now I want to take a swim too for some reason:-)

Well done and Happy Baking Yippee!

Yippee's picture

I miss baking and you guys!   Hope to come back more often in a couple of months.  You take care for now!


PalwithnoovenP's picture

I checked your blog yesterday and there's no recent activity so I thought you've quit again, thankfully not! I miss you but you're already here with a bunch of beautiful baguettes. Love the crumb especially, so open!

Waiting for your full post and your song... :D

Yippee's picture

No, not quitting this time. My promises to keep baking are not empty words!  Under my circumstances, song will most likely come before post.  Either way, I'll be in touch.  Talk to you later.


Ru007's picture

What stunning baguettes! That crumb is superb!!

Really great job. 

Glad to see a post from you! 

Look forward to the next one :)

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for your kind words and encouragement. I promise I will try my best to post.

Happy Baking!

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Congratulations for those baguettes, they look so great that I must admit that I just envy you for your skills.

Well done and happy baking Yippee!



Yippee's picture

There was a moment when the light bulb above my head lit up and everything sort of came together, then it worked.  It must be my lucky day!  Glad you liked them.  Happy baking to you, too!



isand66's picture

Wow...those baguettes look perfect.  Your crumb and crust look great.  My last baguette bake had a great crumb but that's about it :)  Nice to see a post again from you.  Great photography as always!


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So glad to hear from you!  Thank you!  Wish I could join you guys more often, I miss being here. You take care and I'll talk to you later. 


dmsnyder's picture

It looks like everything came together for you. I hope sleep deprivation isn't the secret ingredient. ;-)

Happy baking!


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Or should I say "our mentor" because I'm sure I'm not the only one who has benefitted from your baguette instructions?  Even though it was soooooooo long ago when I received your instructions, and I haven't made baguettes for ages, I've always remembered your kindness in helping rookies like me.  I'm glad you approved my baguettes, Master .


So nice to hear from you, and Happy Baking to you, too!