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Intro and oven questions

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Intro and oven questions

Hi everyone! I'm somewhat new to the site (but google searches inevitably lead me here when looking up recipe tips/help), and I'm looking forward to visiting here more, as I recently got hired on as a baker'a assistant and could use some brushing up on more advanced topics.

In the meantime, I'm also taking an industrial design class, and we've been tasked with a research assignment. I picked the topic of ovens and homebaking, and it would be immensely helpful if you took 2-3 minutes filling out this anonymous survey about your thoughts on your relationship with your oven. Thank you so much!

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Mini Oven
  • Like my oven at counter height or almost, easy to load.  Don't like to stoop to load, unload or look thru the window.
  • Like smooth handles so I don't get caught on them with clothes or skin.  
  • Like to be able to make photos thru the glass door. (see below added feature upgrade)
  • Like even heat with no cold spots.
  • Like a water cartridge to add steam to an oven when desired and an on/off control for it.
  • Like a buzzer that makes more than one "ping."  Perhaps a melody.
  • Built in cameras so what's baking can be observed from iPad or iPhone somewhere else.  Let's call it the iOven? and
  • Can turn off the oven remotely if needed.  

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