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Bouabsa Style Baguette

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Bouabsa Style Baguette

A while ago, I had asked for baguette help and Alfanso was kind enough to share three formulas.  My mom had knee surgery almost 3 weeks ago and being French, she loves baguettes. Does she want my other bread? No! She wants baguettes.

So I went back to Alfanso's post and made the first formula. Of course, mine are nowhere near as pretty as his but they still thrilled my mom. 

I followed the recipe as posted below aside from sneaking in 25 grams of wholewheat and 25 g of dark rye. Here is the link:

PS. The darn picture is sideways and I can't fix it. :-( And on my phone, it isn't even showing the right picture!

Okay now I hope it is fixed!


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Glad to see.  I also see that you were an "early adapter" from the link where you gave these a lovely treatment back in March.  Really nice shaping and the scoring is good starter work.  

Do search out videos of scoring - Hamelman and Hitz and David's posts here on TFL.  But regardless of videos nobody gets good at scoring goals on the futbol pitch without actually practicing to kick the ball.

Unless we are naturals, which most of us aren't including your's truly, it is a grind, but a satisfying one.  As the ancients used to say "baguettes weren't built in a day".

To those about to dine, I salute you.


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I'm sure your mom was pleased! 

They really look great. I'm still mustering the courage to try baguettes.

One of these day I will.

Happy baking.

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Practice slashing is the fun part but it does take while to master.  I'm guessing these reminded your mom of home!  The formula is straight out of Paris.  Not as flavorful as the other 2, since not SD or having whole grains, but this one is the Wonder Bread of France.  You need to retard in a couche to get more of the Alphanso look...and about 10 more tries!

Well done and Happy baking 

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Very nice bake.  As everyone above said, practice and more practice but the bottom line is the taste.  How did the crumb end up?

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I think it could have been more open but it is hard to tell when the baguette got sliced at 90 degrees instead of the diagonal. It did taste good but I think I preferred the taste of the San Joaquin version that I made back in March. 

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I have yet to try baguettes so I am impressed! one day I will pluck up the courage to have a go.