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first artisan loaf

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pauline penistone

first artisan loaf

today I made my first artisan loaf .from a Keith Forkish recipe of a Saturday day wheat loaf only I substituted a seeded flour.I put nearly all the water in and thought criky this is too wet so added more flour I was doing the autolyse method .I found this sight and found out that it is a wet dough but that English flours don't need as much water Any way I carried on with it thinking it was going to be rubbish .When it was cooked I tried some and it tasted lovely so I am quite plased as it didn't rise very much and is quite close textured .

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if you don't use similar flour and/or room temperature. I am happy that your turned out delicious. Keep at it and you will get loaves with more rise. 

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modified version of Forkish style recipes and found that they work well at higher hydrations and rise reasonably well. When I first started I also kept adding more flour because it looked too soupy but soon discovered that wetter is better. I use a DO and that helps give me a good rise and nice crust (otherwise if you don't want to use a DO then search here on various ways of creating steam in your oven).

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If it tastes good then t was a a success.  None of the other rules make much of a difference compared to the first one!

Welcome and happy baking