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Hi !

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Hi !

Hi everyone
My name is fey . I'm Indonesian
I'm new here . Thanks to allowing me to join here
Happy baking !


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I look forward to your posts as I am sure you will be using different ingredients than those I have available to me in Canada. 

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I think so . It isn't easy to get whole wheat flour here . I usually using all purpose flour . And sometimes making a gluten free bread

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Lechem (not verified)

Looking forward to seeing your recipes. It's a great forum.

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You know that I'm not the expert one but I will share one of Indo's bread recipe later if you don't mind . It's called Panada

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Lechem (not verified)

I look forward. Sounds interesting.

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I apologize for my late replied .
Ok to the point , here we go my simple recipe to make a Panada .

250gr AP flour (1 cup)
1/2 tsp salt
20gr sugar
1 egg
65ml coconut milk
2 tbs lukewarm water
20gr fat (margarine)
1 tsp yeast (i use instant dry yeast)

-In large bowl , mix water + egg + coconut milk + salt
-Another bowl , mix all another ingredients except fat
-Put the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients ,
-Stir using spatula ,
-Take the dough out and kneed for 2 min ,
-Add the fat then kneed until smooth and less sticky ,
-Cover and rest the dough for 30 min .
-And then you can prepare for the filling meanwhile .
-Actually Indonesia's Panada using a spicy tuna inside , but you can substitute it with a meat , bacon or whatever what you like but i recommend to using a undercooked meat .
-After 30 min , punch and take the dough , divide into @50 - 60gr each doughs ,
-Grind the doughs into flat round shape ,
-Put the filling on the center of the doughs ,
-Fold from bottom to the top , pinch the edges side ,
-Dust with flour then take it rest for 30 min .
-After 30 min , preheat the cooking oil in frying pan over medium heat .
-Fry until golden browned , once cooked , remove and drain .

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Hi everyone!

I am in Canada, would like to join The Fresh Loaf Forum.

I am not an expert, but I have baking back ground, seeking experts' help to learn more about baking.

I am currently baking hamburger buns using the sponge dough.

My regular sponge dough is consist of water, yeast and flour.

Now, I am adding salt as requirement, fermenting for 90 minutes before pumping into the temperature controlled storage tank.  The sponge is forming gluten chunks in the storage tank after 3 or 4 hours causing blocking of pump filter.  No salt no problem.

It is due to salt addition, but, salt is the requirement.

Any suggestions to control this problem?

Thank you.

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Welcome syed
nice to know you
happy baking !