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Smoked bread Experiment....

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Smoked bread Experiment....

Once in a while, my mind will conjure some crazy idea.
I did an experiment today. I tried smoking bread... Here goes the experiment.

Since i lacked time, i made a small lean dough with more yeast, from Whole wheat and all purpose.

Dough rised and got punched down. Shaped into a rough naan.

For the smoking device...i used a wok with a lid, lined with foil and the fuel was brown rice and green tea (for added frangrance). Could smoke chicken, pork or duck in that too.
Once fully heated, my kitchen smelled like a Chinese pork roasting pit! haha...smoky and fragrant in a way.

placed the bread in the wok, and smoked it for about 15minutes +...

Smoky aroma with a slight sour hint.
Bread was soft and not dry due to vapour built in wok.

although it was fun to experiment, i think i'll stick with the normal oven for the mean time. hehe..

Perhaps, it would do better with raw toppings... Smoked pizza?? :P