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Hello from North Carolina, USA

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Gentle One

Hello from North Carolina, USA

I've posted one or two times, but never introduced myself.  I have baked some bread off and on over the years, sometimes with success (finally found a bread recipe with no salt that still tastes good for my friend who is on a severely restricted sodium diet = success), sometimes not so much (one time I think I left out the yeast on a bread I tried to make = not good at all!).  I've done a bit of no-knead, and tried some sourdough (both with mixed results).

I have been lurking here for quite a while, and learned a lot, so thank you, all, for the teaching/information.  I think the best idea I've received so far is to pick one recipe and keep making it until I have a good bread that I can repeat.  Now, just to put that into practice.

I'm glad to be here, and hope someday I can contribute a success or two.

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I should be more disciplined like you and try to stick to one bread until I have it down pat, but I am having too much fun throwing different things into my breads, although I must say that I have settled generally into one method that seems to be working for me. (Holy run on sentence. Oh well, the grammar police isn't around). I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your breads!

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Welcome from another newbie and fellow North Carolinian. I too have been mostly a lurker but have managed to receive a few important bits of timely advice just by asking.

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Floyd is our moderator and site manager, and he's also a fine baker! Welcome - bring your ideas, experience and questions. we share the successes, mourn the losses and troubleshoot our near-misses. It's all for good eats and fun.