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Savory Bubble bread (monkey/pull apart) for Thanksgiving

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Savory Bubble bread (monkey/pull apart) for Thanksgiving

Hi bakers,

I want to bake some savory bubble bread,also known as monkey bread or pull apart for Thanksgiving day. Want to mix dough in bread machine,go as far as making up the rolls and putting them in refrigreator overnight. Want to get up,take out and bake rolls by noon. I have seen recipes that call for frozen roll dough that is left to thaw in frig overnight after making up bread to the same point. My question is: am I going to be able to use my dough out of the bread machine,make up the rolls then refrig. overnight without them rising too much? And will they be ready to bake, say by 11:30 if I get them out and on counter by 8 or so or should I start earlier?

I have several recipes for this, some of which call for canned biscuits but I want to use my own dough. Thanks for your help. Have a lovely holiday, everyone.      Rosemary

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Rosemary, that should work fine. There's a recipe for strombolini that I use frequently-- an enriched white dough--I make the dough so that it is ready to shape before I go to bed, then in the fridge and baked by noon or 1, but they could go sooner. Check them in the morning, they should be fine, and you can either leave them out on the counter or keep them refrigerated a while depending how they look.

Monkey bread is wonderful, lucky family. 

Good luck, Happy Thanksgiving!

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I have made many of these breads through the years. I like to use a buttery egg dough like a brioche or challah. After the first rise I roughly shape the dough into golf ball size balls, wash them in egg and then roll them in brown sugar and cinnamon. I place them loosly in a parchment lined bread loaf tin or an eight inch round cake pan, let rise approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and then place in the fridge covered in plastic wrap. The next morning,  I let them sit  on the counter for approximately a half hour and then bake. I would suggest covering the loaf with tin foil after the top begins to brown, as the sugar will burn if left uncovered.

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granniero  Thanks for your help,folks. My rolls turned out excellent, I   made them in 2 bundt pans,was afraid to go too deep with rolls for fear of middle getting done. Turned out great and everyone loved them,only hand small bit left. Will do again! Easy to make. Now everyone wants the cinammon kind,will do them next. Thanks again. Hope everyone had great holiday. Ro