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20160807 Foods for fun - from the grill

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20160807 Foods for fun - from the grill

It was a super busy weekend: I was also making a few other things besides Joze's cranberry tarragon bread...



Homemade taco styled by my younger son...

It's super delicious!









Making tortillas is a no-brainer - so much easier than making bread...

I follow a simple corn tortilla recipe from the New York Times...









30 - 35g each seems to be the perfect size...








First tortilla from my new tortilla press! Fun! Fun! Fun!









Trying out the workflow suggested by Ian (for pizza), which requires an extra step of trimming parchment paper; I was too stressed out to do the extra work last time...Besides,  I'm a bit SO confused here樂樂樂...Is the paper supposed to go onto the stone?  If not, then it defeats the purpose of using it樂樂樂...









As usual, I do it anyways...The paper is scorched.







Now, there's a slight problem - the paper is so brittle that it turns into ashes if not handled carefully.  Then some of the ashes stick to the tortillas...









Armenian meat pie and French Pissaladière - we're having an international cuisine day!









This mix of meat is also perfect for burgers...
















Guess how many onions are used here?  Four big ones!  Most of them shrink and disappear in front of my eyes!











I must remember to get the right type of anchovies next time because the fillets in one of the cans are really mushy...









My elder son made me this soft-boiled egg...










So cute!









We don't just eat, eat, eat...



We do try to enjoy the outdoors before the summer is over...





Santa Cruz, CA







The little kid who once called me "evil mom"...








Why did summer go by so fast?




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Everything looks great!  Where is that beautiful lighthouse?

Your photography is excellent as well.

For the parchment paper I have only used it for the pizza and it does get scortched but never sticks to my pizza dough and just blows away.  Maybe not the best for tortillas though?



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The lighthouse is in Santa Cruz.  I agree with you that the parchment paper may not be best for making tortillas because there's too much area exposed while pizza dough covers almost the entire paper.  I'll give it a try next time.  Thanks again.

Happy Baking!

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It all looks so delicious.  I don't use parchment for making them.  I use acetate plastic sheets for the top and bottom of the press then remove the tortilla by peeling way and quick dry fry them to set them only.  Then you can load them on a peel with some semolina, put the stone in the grill and just make the pies as usual..  Love the coast shot!

Happy baking 

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Ingenious idea of using stock in the formula! Who would think of that? And Swiss chard in the dough? Unheard of!  I've got to borrow some of your ideas in my next bake; but for the first time, I opted for a very basic formula just to try it out.

Glad you like the shot!  Happy Baking, DBM!