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20160807 A love story - Joze's Cranberry Tarragon Bread

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20160807 A love story - Joze's Cranberry Tarragon Bread

What a sweet man...





We put our hearts and souls in the dough....









The most beautiful and romantic dough I've ever worked with...








Like a girl's dream...










So charming! 








So refreshing!








Every loaf is a love story...
















Vibrant colors, soft crumb...very comforting; the tartness of cranberries, complimented by the aroma of tarragon,  pops up every now and then as surprises...








Yet, the crust is crackly...


Best of both worlds - all in one loaf...















How happy Joze's wife must be, what a sweet man he is, what a day in Slovenia is like?....I'm thinking about all this while enjoying a slice of Joze's cranberry tarragon bread...



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Great version of Joze's bread.  Looks as good as it can get.  The dough itself looks so silky with a perfect crust and crumb.


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That crust is to die for just in color alone.  This is one great bread inside and out.  Had to smell great too!  That crumb s so soft and moist!  Sometimes the bread you see has to jump to the top of the bake list for good reason......Very well done and

Happy baking Yippee

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Yippee, Thanks for giving a try to the recipe. Great job!

I have really enjoyed great pictures  you have posted on your blog and one gets desire to eat that bread just by looking at them. I have never done this bread by so long process as you did, but the outcome is fabulous.

Happy baking!


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for your kind words...

It feels wonderful to experience the taste of another culture,  This bread has brought bakers from different continents closer together! Thanks again for sharing! 

Happy Baking!

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It looks really great :)


Yippee's picture

So glad you like it! 

Happy Baking!