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20160724 Pizzas from the grill

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20160724 Pizzas from the grill

Another fun-filled weekend... Thank you again, Sjadad and Ian, couldn't have done it without your help and inspiration!



Now we are talking about REAL pizzas...from my grill!








While waiting for my new toy, I built a 60% hydration "00" starter with my yeast water.  Getting smarter this time, I did not mix by hand, Zo's doing the work for me.








In and out of the fridge and the proofer, it took four days to mature, just in time for the weekend pizza event...







This time the pizza dough consists of 100% "00" flour (60% pre-fermented), 60% hydration, 2% salt, 0.6% commercial yeast, 2 TBS garlic oil








I have avoided using commercial yeast in baking because its fast action stresses me.  I usually need to "buy" time by using my yeast water or starters.  If I'm making pizza regularly, I'll need to get used to the timing of commercial yeast and learn to manipulate it as well.  This time, I let the dough ferment in the proofer for 2.5 hours before retarding it for another 10 hours in the fridge until I'm ready to shape the pies.  This schedule works out quite well for me!








Pizza pans!!!


Just wish I could get the aluminum ones that are used in a pizzeria...








From the amount of cornmeal I POURED on the pans, you can tell how concerned I am about sticky dough...








Paper bowls greased with oil...What am I doing with them? You'll see in a minute...








Stacking the pans in the fridge to rest the dough while I'm working on the toppings...Finding space in the fridge is quite a challenge!








Rotating the pizza pan as I work on the dough makes shaping easier; besides, I am "experienced" now...








Pizza Margherita - using sauce frozen from last time...








Sweet Italian sausage...








Chicken bacon...








Ready for the grill...








More cornmeal on my new peel...








Loading dough #1  - safe!








Loading dough #2  - safe!









Loading dough #3  - safe! What a relief! 









 My first pizza on the grill, a historic moment!!!








First pizza done! 








Second pizza done!








Third pizza done!









I'm not a pizza expert, so I don't know what the "nerds" look for in a crumb shot, but I take one anyways...








The evenly browned, crisp crust - the best part of the pie!







The bottom crust of another pizza...







Check out my new toy! I'd say this is a keeper!









Dough spinners - another toy that didn't make it to the first shipment; will find out if they are any good - soon!




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My mouth is watering! Great job!

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The quality of the crust really surprised me!  It's quite different from the oven-baked pizza. Reheated, it still tasted great the day after.  We even fought over the leftover slices! 


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The kids have to be happy as .....pie!  Very nice indeed!

Happy Pizza Grilling Yippee!

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My kids loved the pizzas! But guess who's the happiest person?  Me!  I'm so glad that I tried new tools and new techniques.  It's an amazing experience!  I'm already thinking about what else I can do with my new toy!

Happy Baking to you, too!

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Cuisine Fiend

I'd love to know how you make your garlic oil in the microwave?

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Hi, C.F.:

Every time I see "you", I want to tug your tail and pat you on the head with your own spatula! :-). Who created such a cute 'you'? 

Mince garlic, combine with oil, nuke it at 30-second interval (adjust timing according to your microwave) until you smell a faint garlicky aroma.  I stop at this point where the garlic is still soft and easy to incorporate in the dough. If the aroma is very fragrant, then the garlic must have turned golden brown and hardened, which in my opinion is unnecessary unless I intend to use the oil for dipping, say, baked potatoes.



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Cuisine Fiend

Must try soon. I guess depending on how much garlic you use, you can get garlic oil or oily garlic;-)

I'm very pleased you like my little Fiend!

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Wow, that looks amazing!

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So do your Tartine loaves!

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Your pizzas are gorgeous!  I could learn a lot from you ;)

Yippee's picture

I will always remember it's your beautiful pizza that inspired me and led me to this wonderful journey!

Ru007's picture

nerd either, but those look awesome!!

I love the look of the margherita one the most [because i'm a vegetarian] :) but i'm sure they all tasted wonderful!

Well done! 

Yippee's picture

I'm glad you like them!

Happy Baking!