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Newbie made Rustic Loaf!

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Newbie made Rustic Loaf!

Just wanted to jump for joy and shout it out loud. I made the Rustic Loaf recipe from this post  and it turned out pretty good.  I have only made dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls before so I am very pleased.  I haven't cut the loaf yet so not sure how it looks on the inside (or how it's supposed to look actually) but I am still proud. Can't wait to taste it. I used a Sushi knife to cut the slashes, it's the only sharp knife in the house. I learned a lot already from this one loaf.  Can't wait to make more. : )

Here is a picture!Rustic Loaf by (Hope this works!)

Had to try uploading it to yahoo, hope you can see it now


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oooh, fast learner!  Very nice--I bet you'll be  happy with the inside, too.

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Now you will find how addictive bread baking can be!! Keep us posted!

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Lovely loaf. Congrats!