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what are you eating?

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what are you eating?

I just thought some of you would want to know this.

Once wheat berries are broken open, the nutrients begin to oxidize.  Within 72 hours of milling, 90% of 30 nutrients are virtually gone.  With white flour, some of the chemicals used to "improve" white flour include oxides of nitrogen, chlorine, acetone peroxide, ascorbic acid, and potassium bromate.  So, not only are you losing most of the goodness of the wheat berries, you are ingesting traces of chemicals whenever you eat bread or other products made from rancid white flour.  People may no longer develop beri beri or pellegra from eating white flour, because it is enriched now with 4 vitamins to replace 25-30 nutrients that are lost from removing the germ, germ oil, and bran, but now they are plagued with many diseases that are directly related to their consumption such as appendicitis, diverticulitis, hiatal hernia, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and more!  The use of fermentation and soaking was done to maximize the body's ability to digest bread without hurt to the body.  All grains and legumes contain phytic acid (myoinositol-hexa) in the outer layer or bran portion.  It binds with the calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc in the intestinal tract and prevents their absorption of these minerals unless it is deactivated.  If you consume sufficient quantities of phytate-laden foods, you can become mineral deficient, which can lead to allergies, intestinal distress, and bone loss.  Because phytates bind up the calcium, extensive use of unfermented or soaked grains worsens an already natural predisposition to calcium deficiency.  Reseach also indicates that phytic acid may also play an important role in causing some cancers.  We need more calcium than phosphorus and we get that only after the grains are allowed to soak or ferment overnight so that the enzymes can do their job.  If we don't soak the grains, the phosphorus ratio is higher than the calcium and this can cause alot of health problems. 

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The big 5 year cancer research report is out

and it says among other things to stay away from red meat, bacon, and vitamin pills.

And we all already know that eating large fish such as swordfish and tuna is bad because it is wiping out the species and they are Loaded with mercury.

And chicken is loaded with antibiotics.

So, seriously, what do people eat............  other than bread.  (and i betcha in a few months times bread will be added to the list)


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We eat rather simply: whole grain cereals and ww pasta, brown rice, beans, nuts, seeds, soymilk, cheese and yogurt, eggs, fresh fruit and veggies, poultry a couple of times a week at dinner, red meat maybe once every two or three months; olive oil, tea and a little dark chocolate every day; nothing with partially hydrogenated fat (trans fats) or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) listed on the label comes into the house. We try to live what I call "close to the earth" as far as food is concerned. We're not perfect and slip occasionally, but generally keep our version of what a healthy kitchen is, and exercise daily. Oh, I am not a fish-eater, but take fish oil every day. DH eats fish during the week at lunch.

Of course, copious amounts of fresh sourdough amended with good stuff! And can't forget the craft beer for DH, after all, that's just liquid bread!

Susan from San Diego


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I promise you the world will end, if not tomorrow then some subsequent tomorrow. If you are lucky/unlucky enough, perhaps you will die before that happens. But then, it can reasonably be said that at least for you the world ended on the day you died. My father, as a youth, drank leaded water he used to spray the orchard with, to slake his thirst on hot days as he child-labored in the fields. He smoked for more than 50 years. Mind you, these things took a toll on him. He also ate all of the fat from any and every kind of meat we had when I was young, from the plates of his 6 kids. When he was 69 he had bypass surgery, no surprises. He quit smoking and lasted another 17 years. For his final years he refused to eat 'properly', choosing rather to enjoy his meals. Alas, he died. I am sure he had stuff in his blood vessels at death that he didn't as a young man. In 85 years of life, beyond the normal expectation of years, he managed to raise most of his children and influence many lives for good, leaving a host of people behind that loved him dearly. It is a shame that he didn't live to be 100, or 150 for that matter, but he chose to end it all at only 85 by eating a lot of this polluted crap we are offered by the agglomerates, including ice cream, store-boughten bread, bacon on occasion, lots of chicken and turkey positively seething with chemicals intended by the evil corporations to subjugate and debilitate the masses and fill the elite's pockets with filthy lucre.

I don't really believe the doom and gloomers, nor the scientists either for that matter. I remember when they and the doctors demanded we stop eating butter which would kill us, and eat margarine which was much better. I have heard study after study tell us that wine is good and wine is bad, coffee is good, coffee is bad, sodium is bad, meat is bad, everything is bad. I do believe there is bad in the world; evil, actually. My opinion, since you asked, is that those who cry evil are usually the ones who are evil, those who accuse hate are the ones who hate. But for me and my house, we will pursue another path. Call us foolish if you will, I don't care. I will eat butter, some red meat, chicken, turkey... but I will make my own bread, thanks just the same. I hope here, on this particular web site, we can agree that homemade bread is superior in every instance from store-boughten. And yes I know that's not proper...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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"Once wheat berries are broken open, the nutrients begin to oxidize.  Within 72 hours of milling, 90% of 30 nutrients are virtually gone."

I sure do hope you have a reference from a peer-reviewed publication for this information, and it is not simply a case of wikiality or truth by repetition. 

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"Everything in moderation except moderation."

 I enjoy my red wine, red meat, butter, and stinky cheese balanced with fruit, vegetables, sensible portions, and HOMEMADE BREAD. Really, what's life without a few slices of bacon now and then?


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The information I gave here was to help others.  I figured some here might not know these facts.  I have several sources, but what I respect as my peers are clearly not what some others here would.  Peers is a word not used properly nowadays, that is for sure.  Regardless, it is up to each individual to accept or reject this, but it is not up to me to make that decision for them, by keeping mum, when it can help people. 

Some of the vitamins and nutrients lost when whole wheat is refined

96% Vitamin E lost                           78% Dietary Fiber lost

81% Niacin lost*                                72% Magnesium lost

80% Riboflavin lost*                          62% Zinc lost

77% Thiamin lost*                             72% Chromium lost

78% Vitamin B-6 lost                         50% Pantothenic Acid

67% Folic Acid lost                             Plus Phytochemicals

*Replaced  commercially after refinement

Source H. A. Shroeder 1973, The Trace Elements and Man (Old Greenwich, Conn:


I study diligently in the health world always.  Yes, we will all grow old and die someday, but you can make a choice in how you choose to do it.  I for one, do not intend to be feeble and diseased-riddled.  I take all responsibility for my health and leave it to noone else. 

I never said that white flour turns rancid.  I spoke about white flour and I spoke about what happens to the grains, once they are broken or milled.  There has been a lot of talk about aging flour, this is why I offered this.  One of the important points I made is to always soak your flour before use. 

You shouldn't try to offset something that you are putting in your body that is causing health problems, by trying to use something else to make up for it's bad effects.   Especially, when you have another option to still use the flour, just soak it first.

Isn't one of the reasons or the most important reason that most here do sourdough breads with starters is the enzyme activity? Fermented foods are more easily assimilated because they have been pre-digested by the enzymes.  The late Dr. Edward Howell stated that the end result of having enyzme-dead food is a shortened life span, illness, lowered resistance to disease, and a decreased ability to deal with stress.

Here is a cookbook that was highly recommended to me: Nourishing Traditions:  The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.  by Sally Fallon, Pat Connolly and Mary G. Enig. 

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Ramona, we hear you...and you are doing just fine.  Please do not let the trolls get to you by their twisted responses.

Most people on this forum focus on only bread.  I too have posted on general diet, the FDA, etc. but people prefer to exclude it.

Your information is sensible, relevant, and appreciated.  Maybe Floyd could have a special section devoted to food/nutrition/diet.  So as not to offend purists.

What is very important is for people like yourself who do the research and come up with relevant info.  Frances Lappe and others and the small planet matter.

Since we "can not live by bread alone" maybe it is possible for us to consider food in the context of the meal as a whole.

The advantage to Floyd would of course be that it would drive up the revenues so it would be win / win all around.

Thanks again for your hard work.



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CountryBoy, if I may ask, what in my question (as I assume you're referring to me) made you say I am a troll and my response is "twisted"?  I am talking specifically about the phrase "Within 72 hours of milling, 90% of 30 nutrients are virtually gone."  Would not you want to know whether the numbers are in fact correct?  Would you not rather they came from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, and not from writings of Ms. Sue Becker, who, although she does quote Old Testament extensively, does not seem to have the training or instrumentation necessary to obtain this information firsthand? 

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Thank you, I appreciate your support

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I apologize for the typo-error.  I was being interrupted repeatedly and accidently added rancid before the white flour in that one sentence.  Like I said before though, you can accept or reject, it is up to you.  The sky is blue, no matter what color a person would like it to be.  As for drama, I didn't impart any, but I would think your health would be important to you.  I sacrifice for mine, but I am well aware that most do not feel that what they eat affects their health.  Just as you discredit a person because they want to follow their Creator's instructions, I discredit others who try to tell me that they know better than my Creator.  I am not going to argue this though, like I said, I was just trying to help others.