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20160716 Pizzas from the oven

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20160716 Pizzas from the oven

Thank you guys, Sjadad and Ian!!  




Now I can say I've made pizza!!!













Trying the "00" flour everyone is talking about...













This dough consists of:  Sjadad's 60% hydration, .6% yeast, 2% salt; Ian's  rye/ww...







My tweaks: SD Rye...










SD WW...






and garlic oil made in the microwave.





I mixed the dough at midnight and it went straight to the fridge...






Barely any signs of activity when I wake up in the morning...So I move it to the proofer and go on to do my things: swimming, running errands etc...







Four hours later when I get home, the dough has doubled...

















The dough is very supple, like a baby...















Scaled, 275g each...






























Bagged and go into the freeze because I need to go out again...















Chicken bacon topping...Costco chicken tenderloin, salt and pepper, cornstarch,  LOTS of green onions, and LOTS of bacon, my kids' favorite!















Out of the freezer, the dough has been waiting on the counter for 4 hours....

Making the toppings and sauce takes quite some time!















Setting up the stones and pre-heating the oven to 550F... and this time I don't have any starters or paper plate in it!















Time to shape the dough...then I realize I don't know how!

















Using a rolling pin ?! Like making a pie crust???樂樂樂















My son has started nibbling the creamy and tasty mozzarella di buffala... Got to use it before it's all gone!















My first "pizza" - pizza Margherita!















THINK, Yippee, THINK!  You've got to make a "proper" pizza!
















Not sure if this is the right procedure, but I do it anyways...

















Loaded with toppings, making sure there's enough protein in every bite for my two teenage boys...

















More cheese on top to bind...

















My first REAL pizza - chicken bacon pizza!  




95% "00" flour, 2.5% SD Rye, 2.5% SD WW, .6% yeast, 2% salt, 2 TBSP garlic oil





Can't wait to make my pizzas on the grill! My new toy is on its way...










Isn't the mint beautiful? 















Avocado cucumber mint soup...








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Looking forward to the full post.

Happy baking!

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a slice if that pizza.  I've had pork bacon and turkey bacon but never chicken bacon on a pizza - sounds great! - Lucy has to make some:-)  The family has to love these pizzas.  Well done Yippee and happy baking.

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Those pizzas came out great, congratulations!!  The crusts look particularly fabulous, nice and brown and crisp. 

Well done!

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I want that PM !!  Great looking pies !  c

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For your first pizza these look like you've been baking them for years!  Look forward to hearing more about it, but they look perfect.

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Very sorry for the delayed response, things are quite hectic over here!   My post has been updated to include the details.