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Sourdough Pancakes with new starter

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Sourdough Pancakes with new starter

I started up a new starter culture last week using Sourdo's Polish Rye. It is now working well enough that I'm starting to have extra levain, so the first thing I made with it were sourdough pancakes. I really liked Knead_Love's "Meditation on Sourdough Pancakes" blog entry (, so I used that as my base recipe with the following mods:

* Tripled the batch size, except for the brown sugar, which I just doubled (4 T total)

* Instead of AP flour, I milled 90% hard red spring wheat and 10% rye (the same ratio in the starter)

* Melted butter instead of oil

* I make them huge

They came out delicious!

Add blueberries on the raw side



One side done

 Finished the other side


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loydb:  I am so into blueberry pancakes, and these look so yummy.  Congratulations.  Best,  Phyllis

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It's already late here but I'm suddenly looking forward to breakfast. They look so tasty!

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... three days later, after the remaining batter has gotten really, really sour :)