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Overnight Country Brown variation FWSY, p. 173

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Overnight Country Brown variation FWSY, p. 173

This is a modification of the Overnight Country Brown that Ken Forkish describes. In fact, I changed it so much that one might argue that it is not the same bread, but here it goes for one loaf:

Levain, active rye sourdough, 100% hydration, 110g

white bread flour, 250g

whole wheat flour 130g

12 grain flour 100g

water 340g at approx. 35 degrees Celsius

salt 11g.

I tried an autolyse but got impatient after 15 minutes and mixed everything by hand and kneaded it until it looked half-way mixed. I followed by 4 S&Fs in the bowl approximately 15-20 minutes apart. Then I let the dough rest for 2 hours at room temperature after which I placed it in the fridge for approx. 18 hours. I would say that the dough had more than doubled and had that nice spongy appearance when I I emptied it onto a floured board. Without messing too much with the dough I shaped it into a boule and placed it in a banneton for 45 minutes. I baked it in a cloche. The bread tastes absolutely fantastic, it has a fairly light open crumb, and the crust also had a good crunchy feel to it. To me it's definitely worth repeating.




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Well done.

Happy baking :)