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Hefezopf, Strawberry Cake and Pretzels

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Hefezopf, Strawberry Cake and Pretzels


I haven't had much time lately for baking so it was nice to spend a day in the kitchen. 

This is by far the best German Hefezopf I have baked and I have tried heaps of different recipes. This one is so light and fluffy and stayed fresh for days.  

Recipe can be found here


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This cake is such a quick and easy recipe, a few ingredients into the mixer and bake the base for 10 minutes. Then fill with custard, fruit and a glaze.

Recipe can be found here


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No good baking session is complete without making Pretzels lol 


  photo c299c45b-e5b0-4037-b46c-1545778365e7.jpg


Cheers Sonia


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The hefezopf looks really good... will be adding it to the end of my "to bake" list

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I hear you, my "to bake" list is sooo long :-)

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Mini Oven

Translation has a blooper:  "Lemon zest, or oil of bitter almonds and eggs and cook everything Whisk together well."

A little topsy turvy, don't "cook everything," combine instead.  :)

Been thinking along similar lines....  Strawberries, shortcakes, braids and lye.  Looks wonderful!