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Marbled rye

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Marbled rye

I've been working on this for awhile now. Light rye with a 100% hydration liquid levain, and a dark rye with a 68% hydration stiff levain. The two doughs complement each other with different flavors and textures while being variations of the same grain. The dark rye has rye chops as well as coco powder.


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Wow! That looks amazing! Congratulations.

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This looks perfect.  Please share your formula.



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That looks great. 




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Lov he swirls and the coco add in really creates a nice contrast.  Well done and happy baking 

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Looks amazing. The yin yang shape is just perfect. 

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Thanks all! Ian, I'll post the formula when I get back to work next week. I'm posting on my phone, so I might just post pics. Btw, I make the same batch everyday and don't have the %'s in my binder, and use #'s instead of grams, just the way I roll

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with random marbling, but I really love the patterned "yin-yang" you put in the dough.

I've been a student of cutlery and blade steels for many years and your technique kind of reminds me of Damascus steel.  With that technique, metals of different composition are layered together and folded multiple times to improve the performance of the blade.  Some advanced bladesmiths are using different angles of layering and varied folding to create artistic patterns in the steel.  So I'm thinking it might be cool to experiment similarly with doughs of different colors.  Although, there would be less folding you could do with dough as it would become one homogeneous color much faster than steel.

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The Krusty Loafer

That is by far one of the best marbled loaves I've ever seen  Congratulations. 

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The Edgewood Baker

Hi there! I'd love to make this. Do you have the recipe posted?