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I think I have proof that I'm learning.

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I think I have proof that I'm learning.

I made some english muffin toasting bread.

I love having some homemade toast with my breakfast. I love english muffins, but don't love the amount of work they are. This tastes like english muffins but is tons easier.

I used king arthur's recipe and the first time it was so-so but definitely edible. I had put my dough into an oven with the light turned on and I think it overproofed. It had risen like it was supposed to but didn't have any oven spring. I had all week of eating toast from that loaf to contemplate my mistakes.

So this time, I tried letting it proof on the counter despite the cooler kitchen temps. I also decided I wanted to add a sourdough flavor and substituted a cup of my sourdough starter and made adjustments in the amount of flour and liquid I used. Oh man, when it baked, the loaf sprung up nicely! The slice pictured is the result and it's got a great hint of sourdough. Fantastic with some raspberry jam.

In an hour and a half, I had a baked loaf. No kneading, no sitting overnight. It's seriously easier than going to the store to buy a loaf of bread and is delicious. So this will be a routine for me. I'm certain though that I've been learning by reading the information this forum provides so thank you!



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Looks good.

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Well done - Happy baking and no dry frying :-)

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Lazy Loafer

Oooh, that does look yummy. Butter and jam... :)

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For me, almost nothing beats a fried egg ham and cheese sandwich on English muffin bread. That looks great! [=

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How clever and bold of you to tweak  the recipe!  The crumb looks amazing.  The teaching and learning never ends on this terrific site.  Thanks!

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books again.  I was not aware they had this recipe.  I've used a recipe from Donna Rathmell German's bread machine book for years and we love having it as toast with breakfast.  I've often thought it would lend itself well to being made with sourdough in it - now I'll definitely give it a try.