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Best Bread

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David Esq.

Best Bread

This weekend I made some of my best loaves yet.  I actually made enough for four boules, and had proofed them and intended to bake all four, but something came up and I baked only 2.  I stuck two in the fridge and baked them up the following morning. Those are the two that are pictured here. No crumb shot for these but I did eat from one of them.  The verdict -- one of my best breads to date.  

The loaves were  63.8% AP, 26.9% Whole Wheat and 9.3% Whole Rye. The reason for the odd numbers is simply that I used all of the milled wheat I had on hand, and for the rye berries I intended to weigh out an even number but wound up with 5 extra grams and then made up the difference with the All Purpose Flour (I was looking for 2000 grams of flour and wound up with 491 grams of whole wheat, 205 grams rye and 1304 grams of All Purpose, plus the flour in the levain).

 The crust,crumb and taste were outstanding in every way.



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40% whole grains makes for the best white bread in my book.  Well done and

Happy baking


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They look great!