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New here, from Oxford

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Penny C

New here, from Oxford

Hi all. This is my second post, so thought I should introduce myself :-)

I started baking from scratch just about a year ago - inspired by The Great British Bake Off! - cakes first, then biscuits/cookies and then, within two or three months, bread. My first - and most regular - the Rye Loaf by Nigel Slater and not much else. Slowly perfecting that one, with a few disastrous fails along the way. Bricks, but not inedible!

I discovered this FANTASTIC site googling for information on just about anything, and always come back to it. And so today, New Year's Eve 2015, I signed up!!

Thanks so much for the Lessons. I know they will make me a better baker.

Baking, more than anything else, centres / soothes / grounds / calms me. Soooo therapeutic. I wish I could do it full-time. Unfortunately, I have a mortgage and an expensive wardrobe habit to maintain...

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I know, such habits can limit choices.

But I think you have chosen wisely regarding the bread habit.

I was having a discussion with someone recently, whereby the point was made that bread making could be a 'calm urgency' (or words to that effect).

There is the urgency to persue, but calm and patience required for result. An odd mix, if you ask me.

Anyway, I think I get where you're coming from.

Welcome again,


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Penny C

"Calm urgency" has a very Zen-like quality, and is spot on!

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Keep baking, its great therapy... Just keep the flour out of the wardrobe!

Or just think of the kitchen toys you could get if you adopted the capsule wardrobe approach... :-)

Happy new year,


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Jon OBrien

I had no idea what a 'capsule wardrobe' was until I checked it out and discovered that I've had one for most of my life, except that, like most men, I just call it 'my clothes'. Then I realised that I have a capsule flour chest, too: a small selection of flours which I mix and match as the whim takes me.

Welcome to TFL Penny.

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Penny C

Ha ha! And I can never understand how(most) men get by with one, maybe two, pair of shoes! ... As for capsule flours : a year ago I probably had 1/3 pack of flour only, and likely two years out of date. Ditto one bag of sugar. Now I have two shelves each dedicated to various sorts. «sigh» 

My Christmas List this year consisted of mostly cookbooks and gadgets. I got three books (and have just bought myself another on Amazon) and a proper knife sharpener.  ME - who owned a load of old tat and never used it anyway - have caught the "proper cooking INC. baking very late in life!! Oh dear ... :-)

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Penny C

With all the rubbish going on in my life at the moment, baking is the only thing that keeps me sane!

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We love the British Baking Show!  The last season hasn't run over here in the US yet, we're waiting patiently.  Welcome!  This is a great site with great people and great advice.

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Penny C

Thank you!! Absolutely addicted (now) to GBBO!!