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Hi everyone, I'm new to The Fresh Loaf

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Hi everyone, I'm new to The Fresh Loaf

I recently got into bread baking and am having a great time with all the different types of breads out there.

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Bread is a lot of fun, isn't it?  Looking forward to see what you do with it. 


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I have learned a lot from this website. The information and recipes here are great.



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Hi there. What kind of breads do you like the most? What country are you in? Feel free to ask a lot of questions.

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I can hardly wait to take a look at the recipes, I haven't so far.   This weekend I tried a quick rustic bread to have with cream potato and turkey soup.  My family only wants this bread from now on. Made 2 loaves Saturday and have more dough rising already. I'm anxious to try a traditional rustic bread that takes longer to rise.  In June, after some trial and error, I started my own sourdough and use it weekly for sourdough pizza crust.  I have also used my sourdough for breadbowls for chili.  The bread bowls didn't turn out so well, but I'll try again.  I've also found a french bread recipe for garlic toast.  I'm in Southwestern USA so keeping the house warm for rising is not usually a problem,  quite the opposite.