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new from the south

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new from the south

Hello, I live in the south (TN), am a transplant from the rural north (WI), bread baker for the last four years. And should'a started sooner. I remember my grandmother baking ten loaves every Saturday morning for her family of eleven children. I've been using RL Beranbaum's recipes most of the time and love them. I started a sourdough starter 3 years ago and it's still alive and well. (I call it Bubba). I'm eager to peruse this site and get answers. 

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Mini Oven

Let me the first to extend a warm welcome to The Fresh Loaf!  There is plenty of fun and information here.  Enjoy, :)

Mini O

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Well, I'll be second, then, as one who spent 15 years of my gone-but-not-forgotten youth in the Green bay area. Ten loaves! All at once or in batches?

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This list can be fun, and informative, hope you get a bunch out of it, like i do

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who has spent her adult years in Texas.