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Hoptik - Hopia na, Tikoy pa!

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Hoptik - Hopia na, Tikoy pa!

Hoptik is a portmanteau of hopia, a Chinese pastry (see here) and tikoy, the Chinese version of mochi. It is essentially a flaky pastry filled with bean paste with mochi in the center that's why they're sometimes called mochipia. I first had this in a Chinese restaurant and we all liked it so I made my own yesterday. The crust is different from my first hopia post because I opted for a more traditional one with a higher fat content. It is the Chinese puff pastry or more commonly known as spiral pastry made with alternating layers of water and oil dough like the ones used in Teochew mooncakes. Similarly, I used homemade bean paste in addition to my homemade mochi. Only a small amount of bean paste was used otherwise it will be too sweet. Since I made them larger than normal, I think they are closer to or another interpretation of a mooncake.

It was difficult to seal without destroying the spiral pattern so I messed up my first to but I made more decent pastries as I go along. Also, it looks burnt in the pictures but they're not. They are full-flavored with rich toasty notes. This is the prettiest one I made, you can clearly see the spiral pattern!

I made two variations on the wrapping.

With mochi in the center

With bean paste in the center

When properly made, they are extremely flaky!

Like the hopia, their flavor and texture improved after a day. Very delicious!

Thank you very much!


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muffins in the outside and stuffed dessert cakes on the inside!   

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These English muffin treats gave me a nice break from yeasted goods. I'm so refreshed and ready to integrate my learnings when I get back to making yeast breads in the coming weeks.

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Those look so yummy - I am not familiar with these - I'm going to google right away!

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I think they're more popularly called mochipia but try to search the two for more pictures of the real thing.