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Purple Wheat

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Jane Dough

Purple Wheat

I finally got to try a loaf of bread with the infamous purple flour that is available from SFBI. While visiting in Alberta last week I went to a farmer's market that sold "artisan" breads.  One happened to be baked with a percentage of purple flour.  The loaf was a very attractive shade of light purple while the flavor was mildly nutty.  The highest percentage of the loaf was a white whole wheat.  All in all it was very good.  

When it comes to flavorful, however, the Red Fife has it beat in my opinion.  

The irony of the whole taste test is that the purple flour is grown in the province next to me (Saskatchewan).  The grower supplies one of the bigger distributors in Saskatchewan  who in turn supplies SFBI.  I tried to purchase from Saskatchewan but it is not available for sale for personal consumption  in Canada. It is sold all over the world  but not in Canada.  I asked about the feasibility of purchasing from SFBI and shipping to Canada but SFBI cannot ship it across the border.  That is apparently forboden - never mind the expense of shipping.

And that is how bureaucracy rules...




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grown in AZ.  Even though there was over 300,000 tons produced it was all under contract to be exported to pasta manufacturers in Italy or the one in Glendale AZ.  i finally found a person at the Glendale plant to sneak me out some but they quit and my source dried up.  Then Zimmerman re opened the Hayden Mill in Tempe and contracted with some AZ farmers to grow Desert Durum and Sonoran white for his Mill.  Now I can get it but it is $5 a pound.from Hayden Mills but way cheaper from the farmer.

I suggest finding the farmer adn bake him a loaf of bread:-)