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The 3-Kilo Boule

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The 3-Kilo Boule

Hi Everyone..

After a last summer break, I'm back to baking my way through Forkish's FWSY. I'm not on page 162 and his idea of baking a 3-Kilo boule using his 'overnight country blonde'.  Well, this is one of those times when you ask yourself: "just because I can, should I?"

Has anyone given this a go? I'm tempted. I obviously couldn't eat the thing alone. But thankfully just about everyone I know loves bread so I'll share..

What do you think?

Thanks for the input!

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RoundhayBaker off. Should make a great photo too. But doesn't Forkish say you should use a DO? Do you have one big enough?

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this is the only bread in the book that he says you should try to make the large boule without a d/o.. it would be fun, but it is a beast.. lets see how it goes, not sure yet..

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in a Wood fired Oven.

And then on to the full 6kg for a Thanksgiving sized dinner!

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

Hope you have a big enough oven. If you can, and you do, i'd love to see the result.

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Two 1.5 kilo loaves would be a safer bet, in my opinion.  My concern is that the huge loaf might look lovely on the outside but be not fully cooked inside.   A three+ pound boule is still an impressive loaf to photograph!

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will post the results!

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.. and ridiculous! :)


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Edo Bread

...and didn't look edible.