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I fixed my 30 year old Jenn-Air oven

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Christopher Hoffman

I fixed my 30 year old Jenn-Air oven

Turns out my hunch that the igniter wasn't quite doing it's job was correct. The oven now fires in 10-15 seconds.

Of course i had to put it to the test with a few boules and batards. 

(shout out to my cousin Susie for making me the bread board)

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Mini Oven

Looks like the bread baked up nicely.  I'm all for finding out how things tick and keeping them ticking.   :)

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I've replaced the igniter in my Jenn-Air twice in 20 years, having it give out once the day after Thanksgiving! I definitely was thankful it hadn't gone out a day sooner!

Your bread looks happy and yummy!