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Help - Sticky Dough

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Help - Sticky Dough

Hi, I keep having problems with sticky doughs after I mix the dry and wet indregients. I follow the recipe exactly but the dough is so wet that it is impossible to knead. The dough keeps sticking on the floured board. This is so frustrating. I need to keep adding flour until I can work with the dough and I end up repeating this process for quite a long time that my yeast died sometimes because the dough did not rise.

I need some help here. What went wrong?

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Are you using a mixer to mix your dough? If you are, it sounds like maybe you are over mixing. Dough that is over mixed will release the water and become a shiny, sticky glob. It also won't rise well because the gluten has been broken down. If you are mixing and kneading by hand, then I doubt that is the problem. It is not easy to over mix by hand.

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Could it be the flour that´s causing the dough to be overly sticky. I think some flours (brands / types) don´t handle some specified amounts of hydration well. So perhaps you´ll have to adjust the hydration level according to ¨feel¨. :)
I have to admit. I have a problem of adding too much water till it becomes too sticky to even knead properly and flouring the work surface is just useless. lol!

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Nope, SourdoLady. I mix and knead the dough using hand because I don't have a mixer. I guess I have our mixed by hand? Or I just have to add more flour so that it won't be too sticky.

Will bake another bread this week to experiment.

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It really depends on what you are making,
some doughs like Ciabatta have to be wet and sticky,

I remember some years ago I made some sweet dough,
very wet, almost sloppy. So me being me, thought it was a
mistake in the recipe, so added more flour
and more flour, results were lousy, :-))). I now make that
same recipe as it states and it comes out fine....... :-)))qahtan

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I have always added more flour than any recipe calls for. I'm not sure why, because I live in a very dry state. I usually just reduce the amount of liquid by about 1/4 cup. Then I add my flour a little at a time, so I don't over do it. I hate sticky hands, so using my stand mixer helps me resist the temptation to add too much flour.
Also, you could start with all the dry ingredients and then slowly add the wet, til you get it right.

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This is a good advice... start with all the dry ingredients and then slowly add the wet, til you get it right...

Will try it this weekend.

What shall I bake? A hotdog bun again? Definitely not pizza...

Croissant? Should try something simple for a start.