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Mailing bread

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Mailing bread

Reading about CrumbBum's miche improving in flavor after a couple of days made me wonder about mailing bread. I was baking the other afternoon and talking to a friend in San Diego when I poked my thermometer into a loaf and she heard the crunch - and wished she could taste the bread. Has anyone done this? I really don't want to spend a fortune to overnight it, but maybe a miche could tolerate a few days snail mail delivery. Any thoughts? A

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I packed a box within a box and shipped it over night with 2 loaves and yes it cost a fortune. But it was as a present to celebrate a 65th birthday and it was a once in a lifetime gesture on my part. It arrived in perfect condition. I was just so proud of how perfect my loaves were I could not resist the opportunity to do it.

Shoe boxes of the right size are wonderful packing boxes and shoe stores are happy to help out.

If you find any ideas let me know.

Country Boy

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Hi, The Poilane bakery in Paris France mails their 2 kg. Miche worldwide. It is wrapped in paper and will survive a transatlantic fact, they claim that their bread tastes better when it is 3 or 4 days old. I believe it, naturally fermented bread has superior keeping qualities. So go ahead and mail your bread. I'm planning on doing the same, except with plastic explosives ;)

Now if there was a way to E-MAIL bread...


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Your local P.O. might have these flat-rate priority mail boxes available:

If that doesn't show up, go to, and look for shipping supplies, Priority Mail Box Flat Rate Box-O-FRB1, 11.5x8.5x5.5 inches.

The cost is $8.95 regardless of weight. Very reasonable compared to other options especially if you can fit a couple of your loaves into one box. If you can't find them locally, USPS will send you a supply for free.


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AH! This was exactly what I was looking for. $8.95 to mail isn't outrageous, but still on the pricey side. I was thinking of mailing breads too just one or two times. Sometimes I want to make so much bread that I can't consume it all. My husband likes bread, but doesn't eat it regularly. I'm the one who eats it regularly but I can only eat so much -- maybe three slices a day.