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proofer box can also be made of reptilian tank materials?

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proofer box can also be made of reptilian tank materials?

hi, i was just wondering ( btw i am new to baking bread but have collected many books over the 3 yrs) if i can make a proofer out of a fish tank, heat lamp, with a sponge in a bowl for humidity. it seems from all of my reading, constant temp of 80 degrees is optimal for proofing, but how about humidity? i know i could also use a large plasitic bin and bulb and that still could be a possible option for me.

 im planning to go for a materials hunt saturday to begin my trek for creating the best breads, bagels, and pizza.



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And congratulations! Glad you've got your thinking cap on but frankly, your question did a dynamite job of, well, to put it bluntly, grossing me out. Gosh I hope... Please use new materials and not any used stuff that came out of a occupied reptile cubicle. I don't know how hygienic that would be. I have myself thought of using water in a food cooler with an aquarium heater. Somehow, it doesn't paint the same picture though. Sounds interesting, careful a regular light bulb can get very hot. Good Luck! :)

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i was planning on buying new. but after thinkning things, i think the easiest would be the large plastic walmart bins.

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Here is a link to Samartha's site where he has been experimenting with the detmold-3 stage starter. He uses a combination of 3 pre set aquarium heaters to control water temps as he builds his starters. I have tried this method using plastic bins and it works great.


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There's no need to buy anything if you have an oven with a light. 

Place your dough(covered by plastic wrap)in a turned off oven and put the light on.  The temperature will be a constant 78 to 80 degrees.

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Oven with light is my favorite incubator.  Works great for yogurt and buttermilk, too.  Though I had to replace the light twice in the last couple of months - the first one must have been a lemon.


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Hey, my BF is a Baker and I'm helping him get his home based baking started...

We need a Proofer by  Jan because we're expecting alot more biz due to some Jobs he's current;y baking. But I need to make sure its very cheap, but also good, and sanitary. Can't a meatle box with a door be usd as a proofer? I mean they have lightbulbs now you can just stick to any surface.