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Polish Rye

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Polish Rye

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been working on a Polish Rye recipe.  I baked it again this weekend and this time took notes.


  • 180g AP flour
  • 120g water
  • a pinch of salt
  • a pinch of instant yeast

Final dough

  • All of the preferment
  • 120g rye flour
  • 460g AP flour
  • 40g potato flour
  • 12g sea salt
  • 30g barley malt syrup
  • 3g yeast
  • ~360g warm water

The colour comes more from the malt syrup than the rye flour.  Still not perfect, but we really like it.

 * * * 

Unrelated, but I also realized this weekend that TFL is 10 years old as of yesterday.  The first post is here.  Kinda neat... I certainly did not foresee that it'd end up growing to be such a rich community of bakers from all around the globe. 



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Wow, 10 years already!  I missed the first year or two but have been a very happy bread head since finding you. 

Thanks, Floyd, for taking the plunge and then investing so much of yourself to keep this wonderful community humming.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated. 


p.s.  The bread looks and sounds good, too.

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Awesome, Floyd, this site is the best! Thank you for your vision and management. And your baking!


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Great-looking bread. I am new as new can be, but I recognize what an investment this site must have been (and continues to be). Thank you for maintaining it!

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Happy Birthday TFL   

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It seems like just last week we were celebrating TFL's 5th birthday. It's just like my kids ... and grandkids! 


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Literally not a day goes by that I don't tell someone to join on on all the bread love that goes on here. Thank you!

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Congratulations on helping build such a great community, Floyd. Thank you!

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Poppy, black sesame, or chernushka? And many happy returns, Fresh Loaf.


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Floyd:  Congratulations on 10 years and a great loaf!  Best,  Phyllis

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Our Crumb

And congratulations to TFL's father (? -- does that make us TFL grandchildren?).

It's a marvelous and non-trivial achievement Floyd, to have nurtured this community as you have, so gently and quietly, into the consistently civil, informative and mutually supportive (and growing!) gathering that we continue to enjoy and rely on. 

Thank you so much for what you've done.  Here's to the next ten years!


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Nice job Floyd.


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Jane Dough

And thanks to you Floyd for making it happen.  It is no small investment to keep a site like this running as smoothly as you do. 

My compliments to the community also.  Collectively the individuals make up one of the warmest and richest communities one will have have a chance to participate in. 

Kudos to all!


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v's sis

And I cannot tell you how much I have learned on this site.  Thank you!


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Edo Bread

It has been said over and over here but... great looking bread, great site. Thank you for sharing, caring and providing so much for all of us.

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Truth Serum

Dear Floyd,

This is a wonderful site, and it reflects you, thanks for keeping it vital.


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Hello Floyd

My name is Ibor and my complaint is that I am not being notified of comments on my postings



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Hello Floyd

I have a series of videos I made regarding bread braiding. Would you be interested in publishing them in The Fresh Loaf?



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Hello Floyd

I need the circulation figures for your blog

thank you