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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf!

The Fresh Loaf will be a place for amateur bakers and bread enthusiasts to talk about bread, baking, bakeries, recipes, you name it. I suspect that artisan baking and traditional breads will be the main focus, but anything that gives people a rise is suitable.

I intend to post a few articles, pictures, and book reviews to kick this site off. But I am hoping more to provide a location for other bread enthusiasts to congregate and share their ideas, recipes, pictures, and advice. Please do not be shy about contacting me at floydm at thefreshloaf dot com if you have any ideas for things to improve this site or are interested in contributing content (recipes, pictures, etc.) or if there are features you'd like to see here (photo gallery, forums, etc.).

UPDATE: What the heck. I enabled the forums and have put a couple recipes in there. Take a look at them here, and please add your own.