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wort bread II

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wort bread II

Here comes a new wort bread, perfect to chrismas. Check even out my two latest bread


500 g water

750 g wheat flour

250 g whole wheat flour

500 g rye sourdough

100 g wort extract, liquid

45 g brown sugar

8 g minced bitter orange

5 g minced ginger

4 g minced cardamom

3 g minced clove

7 g fresh yeast

25 g salt

225 g raisins


Soak the raisins. Mix all ingredients in the machine except the salt for 10 minutes. Then add the salt and continue for 5 minutes. Let it rest for 90 minutes in a plastic box. After 45 minutes fold te dough. Divide the dough in 4 pieces and pre shape the to a ball and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then shape them and let the proof in the fridge over night.

Bake them in owen 250 degree celcius 5 minutes with steam in the beginning, then 200 degree celcius, total time around 40 minutes until the inner bread temperature is 98 degree celcius.

After you have take them out brush them with some water and potato wheat that have been boiled up.

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I know & use malt extract - and I've made beer in the past, so know what wort is, but wort extract?

And 'moth' ? (and carnation spice? - Google seems to be suggesting cloves for that one which makes sense)

Looks good though!


Ps. If I'm soaking vine fruit, I often use a cup of good quality earl grey tea (e.g. Williams) to add a citrus hint from the bergamot

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correct few things.... moth = minced :)

carnaton spice = Syzygium aromaticum = clove :)

wort :

extract = a preparation containing the active ingredient of a substance in concentrated form.



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Thanks for the explanations!

I think your wort extract is what I might refer to as  (Barley) Malt extract


Sounds like that recipe makes a couple of big sticky festive loaves! Interesting glaze too.



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I will not say that malt and wort is the exact same thing but is close to each other then you use malt to make wort. Malt and wort will not give the exact same tast what I know. I have both malt extract and wort extract at home. I am not sure but maybe wort will give a more sweeter and softer taste.