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Pan Candeal

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Pan Candeal

Pan Candeal. Typical bread from the south of Spain. Only 45% hydration. Quite similar to french Pain Brié.



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Ciao Abelbreadgallerya,

io questo pane l'ho assaggiato ed è buonissimo, assomiglia per la sua consistenza al Pane dell'Emilia Romagna.

Bellissima produzione, complimenti!!!

Ti volevo chiedere se contiene materia grassa ed eventualmente in che percentuale.

Io sono una grandissima sostenitrice del Richemont Club  Internazione  e del Richemont Club Italia di cui peraltro ho la fortuna di conoscere molto bene il Presidente Onorario, il mio Maestro Piergiorgio Giorilli, sono tutte persone straordinarie nonchè bravissimi ed appassionati Maestri dell'Arte Bianca.

Grazie, Anna

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No, it doesn't contain any kind of fat. It's just 100% flour, 45% water, 20% stiff sourdough, 2% salt and 2% fresh yeast. Knead, laminate in an automatic dough refiner. Shape. Let it ferment and bake at low temperature, about 200C with just a little bit of steam.

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I forgot to explain that in this kind of bread there's no bulk fermentation.


Ciao Abelbreadgallerya, sei stato veramente molto gentile ed anche molto esauriente con le tue ulteriori spiegazioni sulla metodica di produzione di questo Pane.

A presto, Anna

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This bread looks quite similar to one that is found in Argentina called pan Cremona.  Since Argentina, and especially Buenos Aires, was historically populated by migrants from Spain & Italy, it is possibly a combination of breads from both Spain and northern Italy where the city of Cremona is located.

A classic version of the recipe with photos and steps to make it: .  Another without the layers (hojas) : .  Both are in Spanish, but the first is detailed with many pictures and will give a clear idea of how it is made.

chao ciao


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if it wer soft and fluffy this shape would be the perfect pullapart buns for sliders!  Will have to give it a try with some enriched dough.  Well done and happy baking

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I've seen a similar shape as this in a pan de muerto from mexico, although the shape is not typical of the pan de muerto seen closer to the US border.  How'd you get the shape?